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HSBC Singapore QuickFX app

Manage your currencies on the go
HSBC QuickFX mobile app
FX expertise at your fingertips
Looking for an easier way to manage your foreign currencies? Experience a brand new way to meet all your FX needs anytime, anywhere with HSBC QuickFX mobile app.

Why you'll want the app

  • Instant Global Transfers between your HSBC accounts across 25 countries
  • Easy Worldwide transfers to over 200 countries
  • Set alerts or auto-conversions at your preferred rate
  • View and access all your HSBC currency accounts worldwide
  • Keep up-to-date with market news and performance instantly against real-time market prices
  • Create your own watchlist and track performance instantly against real-time market prices
  • Manage your recent and past transactions more efficiently and repeat them with just one touch access

Get started

Already have online banking?

Download the app and use it straightaway. The HSBC Singapore QuickFX app is available in selected markets* on Google Play and/or Apple app store.

Don't have online banking?

You need to register for online banking before you can use the mobile banking app.

Features Overview

Making an instant FX transfer

HSBC QuickFX Invest | Remit | Travel FX on the go, at your preferred rates. Convert foreign currencies on the go Log in With your Personal Internet Banking details or biometrics. Swipe upwards on the ‘My FX’ screen. Your foreign currency holdings in one view. Select ‘Transfer’. Select the SGD account to transfer from. Select the account to transfer to. Input the SGD amount to convert. The converted amount, based on real-time preferred rates. Select ‘Next’. Confirm your transfer details Swipe the ‘Slide to send’ to make the transfer Your transfer is successful!

Set your rate

HSBC QuickFX Invest | Remit | Travel FX on the go, at your preferred rates. Auto-convert currency at your target rate Log in with your Personal Internet Banking details or biometrics. Swipe upwards on the ‘My FX’ screen. Select ‘Set your rate’. Select the SGD account to transfer from when your rate is met. Select the currency to convert to. Input the amount of SGD to convert. Set your target conversion rate, then select ‘Next’. Set preferred notification method when target rate is reached, then select ‘Next’. Confirm the details of your transfer, then agree to the terms and conditions. Swipe ‘Slide to send’ to set up FX order. Your FX order is successfully set up! If your watched rate is reached before expiry, your funds will beconverted automaticallyat your target rate.

Personalising your currency watchlist

HSBC QuickFX Invest FX on the go,at your preferred rates. Monitor FX rates easily with your watchlist Log in with your Personal Internet Banking details or biometrics. Select ‘Market’ on the bottom navigation. Select ‘+’Add a currency pair. Selectthe two currencies in your desired currency pair. Your currency pair is now added to your watchlist. Tap on “<” to return to watchlist. Tap on ‘Set my benchmark’. Set your desired benchmark, then select ‘Confirm’. Your benchmark for the currency pair is now set. Keep up-to-date with the latest market newsSelect ‘Insights’ on the bottom navigation. Access to the list of FX newsand insights. Select the article. Read the article on the go.

Frequently asked questions

Important notes

All conversion, foreign exchange rates and deposit rates used or provided are indicative only and subject to change by the Bank at any time (including intra day changes) without notice.

Data, information, news, videos and computation tools are provided for informational purposes only, and are not intended for trading purposes. The Bank shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content or computation, or for any actions taken in reliance on the same. Information contained in this document is obtained from sources believed to be reliable; however HSBC does not guarantee its completeness or accuracy.

FX Order Watch service is exclusively provided to HSBC Premier and HSBC Advance customers only. FX Order Watch Services Terms and Conditions apply.

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