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Car Insurance

Care is keeping your loved ones safe with SmartDrive designed to your needs

Car Insurance - SmartDrive

SmartDrive aims to make driving safer for you and your loved ones.

Special Offer

From 1 to 30 November 2021, when you purchase a SmartDrive car insurance plan, you will be entitled to the following item:

  • SGD100 shopping voucher

*Terms and Conditions apply


  • SmartDrive Essential

    Basic and vital protection with 24/7 Towing and Transportation, as well as Guaranteed Repairs for 12 months.

  • SmartDrive Essential Plus

    In addition to the SmartDrive essential plan, you will enjoy the Car Protector, Daily Transport Allowance and Delivery of Repaired Car to your preferred location.

  • SmartDrive Flexi

    Basic and vital protection with the flexibility of your preferred workshop, as well as Medical and Dental expenses and Flood Protection

  • SmartDrive Flexi Plus

    In addition to SmartDrive Flexi, you will enjoy the Car Protector, Daily Transport Allowance and Delivery of Repaired Car to your preferred location.

  • SmartDrive Flexi Family

    Complete protection for your loved ones. In addition to SmartDrive Flexi, you will enjoy Peersonal Accident coverage, Loss of Personal Effects and Waiver of Named Young or Inexperienced Driver Excess.

  • SmartDrive Peace

    Complete, all-in-one coverage for greater convenience. Enjoy even more coverage with 24/7 Towing and Transportation, Loss of Personal Effects, Flood Protection and Delivery of Repaired Car to your preferred location.

  • SmartDrive For Her

    Exclusively designed for women, this is the only plan that gives you Excess Waiver from the 3rd year, as well as Phone Assistance and Roadside Support.


  • Additional windscreen cover at no extra cost

  • Coverage for accidental loss/ damage to your car

  • Personal Accident coverage

  • Coverage for floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and other acts of nature

  • Coverage for damage caused by strikes, riots and civil commotion

  • Passenger risk and liability coverage

  • Third party liability including property damage, bodily injury and legal service

  • 24/7 assistance throughout Singapore, West Malaysia and Thailand

Value-added packs

Enhance your coverage with a variety of value-added packs such as:

  • Overseas Protector, which includes hotel accommodaton, overseas allowance and more
  • Family Protector, which includes loss of personal effects, monthly allowance and more
  • Claim Protector, which includes excess waiver and No Claim Discount (NCD) protector

Other benefits

  • Instant 15% discount: Enjoy Instant Premium Savings with the AXA Premium Workshop Scheme (APW). Sign up for the APW and you'll enjoy an instant 15% discount on your premium. (Applicable for Comprehensive Cover only).
  • Reduction of own damage excess for insured and named drivers: 50% NCD: Nil Excess; 0% to 40% NCD: Excess Halved
  • Undeclared young and inexperienced driver excess reduced to $2,500
  • Free 24-hour accident towing service
  • 9-month warranty on repairs
  • Repatriation cost for both passengers and car whilst driving in West Malaysia and peninsular Thailand at $200 per passenger (limited to $1,500 per accident) and $1,000 repatriation of car to Singapore
  • Enhanced personal accident cover for Insurced up to $30,000
  • Damage to or theft of personal effects and car accessories located inside the vehicle involved in an accident in Singapore, up to a maximum of $3,000

How to buy SmartDrive

Buy SmartDrive online

Call us (AXA Singapore)

Call us at (65) 6880 4070 if you have any questions.

Email us

Email at if you have any questions.

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